About Us

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Our Vision

Managing and buying properties for nearly a decade and across two continents, Capifi Group is based in London, UK, and has been steadily creating a legacy of trust, success and wealth for themselves and for those who invest with them.
Specializing in Residential and commercial properties, Capifi Group focuses on sourcing the best deals for clients, as well as building mutual integrity and success.
The Capifi team understands the diverse, volatile nature of Real Estate, and therefore choose to expand and broaden their portfolio to include the most likely, optimal profit.

Our Team

Talent. Expertise. Loyalty. Here to serve you.

Meet the ones behind the movement.

Shlomo Enden

Possesses nearly 10 years’ experience in the property market industry sourcing deals and managing projects.

CEO and Founder:

Meir Koplowitz

Arranges and funds projects through various mortgages and ensures that the money is available for each project.

Business Financier:

Sam Baum

With nearly 10 years’ experience in recognizing niche deals, he takes undervalued properties and turns them into valuable assets.

Vice President:

Julio Smith

With several years of experience in placing and maintaining happy tenants, he also runs general maintenance for his clients.

Property Manager:

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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